December 10, 2004

Re-discovering a gem

"Worried Over You" (Eldridge Holmes)
Eldridge Holmes, Jet Set, 1965

Don't worry, be funky

Recorded in New Orleans in 1965, but released on the short-lived Jet Set label out of Washington, DC, “Worried Over You” is a fine little soul single, but doesn’t sound like a New Orleans record, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Eldridge Holmes’ vocal on this track reveals why some, including Allen Toussaint, consider him one of the city’s best 60’s soul singers. I think only the great and much better known Aaron Neville (a class unto himself) and Johnny Adams (audio coming soon) beat him out. Listen for yourself.

I am dispensing with background notes on this jewel of a vocalist and refer you to Larry Grogan’s outstanding overview and appreciation of Eldridge Holmes’ career that can be found at Funky16Corners. It is definitely worth a read.

You can hear three other Holmes cuts at Soul Club; and, if you want to find some of his work on CD, you’re in luck. Sundazed’s quality re-issue comp of Toussaint productions, Get Low Down! The Soul of New Orleans ’65 – ’67, has four Sansu sides; and there is a great later, previously unissued track on Gravevine’s Crescent City Funk and more…. While it’s a pity that the late Eldridge Holmes was not much appreciated in his day, I am glad to know that at least some of his best work is being heard again.


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Great blog! Thanks for the link.

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