August 04, 2014


Big news.

Starting this Thursday, August 7, I will be producing and hosting a weekly show on KRVS 88.7 FM here in Lafayette. I'm calling it Funkify Your Life and will feature the funkier sides of R&B, soul, and jazz from New Orleans, elsewhere in Louisiana, and around the Gulf Coast - vintage and contemporary groove music sourced from my vinyl and digital archives. So, of course, the audio content of da blog will be appearing over time, in no particular order. . . . much like the former HOTG webcast, but now in one hour segments with a bit of vocal commentary.

My time slot on Thursdays is 1:00 - 2:00 PM Central US time, with a rebroadcast Friday nights at 9:00 PM. KRVS programming is available for streaming on their website; and they also offer playlist and podcast archives of local shows, such as mine, there - just hit the "Programs" link and scroll down to my show. So, you can hear FYL in real time or anytime, and most anywhere. 

I am honored to have been approved to be a small part of the impressive on KRVS operation, and look forward to airing the many choice cuts from my collection to a mostly new and potentially larger audience.

By the way, I plan to also post my weekly playlists here, along with some relevant links. So, keep a lookout and tune-in to Funkify Your Life!


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