September 11, 2005

More Sad News and More Places To Help

I am sorry to relate that Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown has passed away after a struggle with cancer. He had been living in Slidell, LA for many years and was evaculated to Texas prior to Katrina. I just saw this on the OffBeat Forums. [Correction 09/13/2005: Gate had suffered a heart attack after being evaculated, as passed as a result. He was 81 and had lost his house in the storm.]

Also on those forum pages I have learned of two new non-profit relief organizations that have been set up to directly assist New Orleans musicians in need. New Orleans Musicians Relief Effort and NOLA RELIEF. The latter has been set up by blues pianist and vocalist, Marcia Ball, who has deep roots in Louisiana and New Orleans. As it doesn't seem to have a web address yet, here's the mailing address:

P.O. Box 2629
Austin, Texas 78768
Make payable to: NOLA RELIEF or MARCIA BALL (ear-marked FOR RELIEF)

Both Marcia and NOMRE's Cindy Chen promise that aid will go directly to New Orleans musicians, most of whom they know personally. Feel free to inquire directly with the organizations prior to donating. Seems both are legit, though.


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