September 09, 2005

Who's In Austin - and - Margie Is Inspired

An old friend in Memphis, Jim Spake, a gifted, versitile saxophonist and fan of New Orleans music and culture, sent me this link about Crescent City musicians relocating to Austin, TX. Check it out. Here's a quote:

Their beloved city is gone, awaiting a rebuilding process that could take months and even years. So several New Orleans musicians are moving to the Texas city that, like their hometown, is known for an affinity for live music and instinctive playing.

I am sure there are more than the notables metioned in that article who have gone to Austin, a hip place to be, especially South Austin. One byproduct of Katrina's aftermath will be the infusion of the sunken city's music and arts into other areas, probably for a long time. New Orleans' loss becomes a gain for any place that gets to experience some of its culture firsthand and interact with it's unique citizens. Yeah, you right.
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As you will recall, I posted the other day about the saftety of Irma Thomas and Margie Joseph and the loss of their homes in the storm. Then I received an e-mail from Sue Trapper, who conveyed this letter from Ms Margie:

Greetings To All Gods’ Beloveds:

I have asked Sue, my very best friend to write this personal message to you all -- my dear, dear Soulful friends. My cup is overflowing with joy -- my heart with rivers of gladness -- truly because I realize that love still abounds throughout the earth, touching every heart with grace. I am deeply humbled by your love and concern, and I am so thankful unto God that He is still doing what I know that He is able to do -- exceedingly and abundantly above all that we are able to think or ask.

The hurricane disaster transformed me and revealed to me what a mighty God we serve. I thank you deeply – ever deeply -- for your continuous prayers, personal notes of care and concern, and offers of assistance. God bless you each and everyone. My family is safe, and we are waiting to see where God is going to take us next. Dear Lord, I pray for all those who have suffered so greatly.

You will be hearing from me very soon, as I complete my debut gospel album in many years; and I look forward to be able to behold your faces somewhere somehow. I’m alive and I am coming to you in the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Your Sister In Christ
SistahPraise Margie

Sue also included another letter that Margie had sent to her fans before the storm. And, I will pass on a section from it that deals with the gospel album she mentions and an honor to be bestowed on her:

I have almost finished my debut gospel album and have experienced the glorious presence of an anointing here to affirm what I have believed throughout my life. In September, I am being honored by the State of Mississippi Gospel and Blues Commission for my contribution to music and for freely sharing my gift of song to help many communities in their health and human service endeavors. My hiatus was predestined as so is my return to share once again with you songs from my heart. I love you all, but most importantly you must know God loves you more. I will see you soon! May God bless you and keep you.
Your Sistah of Praise. Margie

Best of luck with the new album, SistahPraise! I am sure she would love to hear from anyone who cares to write her. Sounds like she is well-equipped to deal with whatever comes her way.


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