September 14, 2005

Make It Funky! on Cable And More Relief Items

RAJ posted several comments today about his discovery that VH-1 was airing Make It Funky! tonight 7:00 to 9:30 PM Central. I discovered his first one about five minutes before airing and tore into the other room to fire up the Betamax (wish I actually had one of those) aka the VCR, as my digital recording domain does not yet extend to video. I actually got to watch most of the show; but reams of commercials really break up the rhythm of the film and sap some of the spirit. Plus, I think they excised some of the film segments to fit in the maximum adverstising. That said, I pretty much feel the same way about it I did after first seeing it. If you are fairly familiar with the city and its musical history, the film is not extremely revelatory but still heartwarming and pretty damn hip. For those less in the know, it does a nice job imparting information and explaining details about the music and culture of New Orleans in a relaxed manner mostly from the mouths of the music makers themselves. "Info-tainment" at its best. I really would like more live music; but I realize the powers that be like to leave us wanting more. That's the hook for the DVD. I still need to see it again uninterrupted.

So, thanks RAJ for your heads up and comments, including the fact that you think it will air again this Sunday on BET - check your local listings, people. What a pieice of timing for this documentary! Just when New Orleans needed appreciation and a high class promo in the worst way, Make It Funky! was due out. Michael Murphy should be buying lottery tickets. He's got the sight! I'm so glad he had the drive and desire to get this project done.


Eddie Asssistance
Of course, the are plenty of reputable relief organizations around for you to use to lend support and aid to victims of Katrina. But, sometimes, knowing exactly who you are helping can personalize it somewhat. Over the weekend, I had contact will Eddie Bo, who is in this area with members of his band. He pretty much lost everything in New Orleans; and, seeing as he has been a frequent topic of conversation on HOTG, I thought I'd give you his current address where he is accepting any financial support you can offer:

Edwin J. Bocage
306 West Plaquemine Street
Church Point, LA 70525

I know he would appreciate whatever aid you can send, even encouraging words. I am trying to help him find some gigs in the area, too. Hope it works out.


The Tipitina's Foundation is working to provide support for New Orleans musicians flung far and wide. You can see what they are up to and lend a hand if you can at their site.


Lastly, I hear from Tuff City that they will be donating a portion of September sales of any of their CDs or LPs to "worthy charities aiding the displaced people of New Orleans".

That's it for now. Got music in the works. . .


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