July 08, 2005

A Few Things

Tuff City Sides Are Coming
I consider myself a New Orleans music (and some other varieties, as well) collector rather than a true, purist collector of vinyl only. Therefore I have a large, growing assemblage of CDs, as well as all the vinyl. As I have mentioned here before, I have been buying compilations (CD and LP) of obscure New Orleans and Louisiana music put out by
Tuff City under their Night Train and Funky Delicacies labels pretty much since they started. But, with the exception of my Sam & The Soul Machine piece (couldn’t help myself), I have not posted any songs from their catalog, because TC is an ongoing commercial concern that I thought might take offense at my making mp3s of their product available.

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted last week by a Tuff City representative who asked if I wanted to blog some of their material. You know I said yeah. Tuff City is a small domestic group that has been doing their New Orleans/Louisiana collections for a decade now and wants more people to be aware of its products, especially groove junkies who frequent blogs like this. I appreciate them offering me the opportunity to pick some tracks to present to you that are enjoyable and significant in the historical context and legacy of the music of the Home Of The Groove. While I have criticized the quality of their vinyl to digital transfers and poor documentation on earlier releases, I must say Tuff City seems to have gotten it together in the last few years, offering more background, label and session details in their packaging, and using better quality sources for the music they present.

I’ll be bringing a number of pieces to you in weeks to come, under the Tuff City Side heading. It should be fun. But please understand that I am doing this because I am interested in the music they are making available, and think you will be, too. I have no business relationship with this group of labels, at all.

breath of life
I want to add my recommendation to Oliver’s at soul sides for a new music blog with strong New Orleans roots,
breath of life. Kalamu and Mtume ya Salaam have created a site that is a pleasure to read, view, and listen to. They have a nice interview with Harold Battiste posted, which mostly deals with his work with Sam Cooke. Those HOTG connections go far and wide. Check it out.

Speaking of viewing....
If you are tired of looking at my standard order blog template and have a more or less unique one lying around you wouldn't mind being used here, please let this code-challenged geezer know. You could be the one that pimps my blog!


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