November 21, 2004

Part 2: A Greasy Funk Tidbit

"Tater Tot"
Gamble Brothers Band, unissued, 2003

Fresh out

One of the things that kept me interested in the contemporary Memphis music scene, before I headed south this year, were the few bands that had some New Orleans feel in their repertoire and chops, such as Freeworld and our featured group here, the Gamble Brothers Band. I got to know these guys though their sax player when the band was in its early stages of development. From the first time I heard them, I have been thoroughly impressed not only by their great musicianship and songwriting, but by their seemingly effortless blend of influences from Memphis and Muscle Shoals soul to Crescent City funk, with some rock, jazz and reggae/ska blended in for good measure. Only a great band can mix such diverse elements to create a sound that they alone own; and I think they do that. With two CDs out now, available through their label, Archer Records, and another on the way, this is a band that continues to evolve and throw down. Try to catch them live somewhere. Latch onto a CD or two. And tell 'em the former Spin Docta sent you.

So, the second offering in our instrumental trifecta, "Tater Tot", is something the GBB often does live that is pure Meters-inspired funk. Their twist is that this is a band with no guitar. The tune was cut for their Back To The Bottom CD, but did not make it onto the final table of contents due to an excess of good material. At the time of this recording, the band was Al Gamble on keyboards and, Chad Gamble on drums, Art Edmaiston on sax, and Will Lowrimore on bass (who left the group last year).

I want to thank Art and all of the GBB along with Ward Archer of Archer Records for letting me blog this. Although they hail from the Mid-South, the GBB are surely worthy to hold forth in the Home of the Groove. And, as a matter of fact, they'll be gigging at the Maple Leaf down in New Orleans on December 20th.


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