November 12, 2004

Just so you know.....

I'm off traveling for a few days. I'll leave the blog just as it is until I return. Try not to mess the place up too much. When I return, the older audio posts (see archives) will be disconnected; and I will be blogging some delicious obscurities by Professor Longhair and Dave Bartholomew from way back. In the near future, as well, I hope to have some more tracks by New Orleans women (these did their recording elsewhere), a taste of Chocolate Milk, and recent cuts from NOLA-funk-influenced groups (one from Memphis, one from Austin) I dig.

So, don't be strangers. Check this stuff and come on back up in here. And don't forget to contribute some comments, if the spirit (or aggravation) moves you. I've been known to actually respond.


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