November 16, 2004

Dave and another Fats

"Hey-Hey" (Bartholomew)
Dave Bartholomew with Fats Matthews, Broadmoor 101, 1967
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Here's a 45 I ran across about 10 years ago that still isn't on any compilations I know of. It's a rarity on a label started by
Dave Bartholomew in 1967 that only put out a few releases besides this one: two by Fats Domino, three by soul singer Chrles Brimmer, and a couple more. Of course, Bartholomew was Domino's producer, band leader and songwriter/co-writer though the bulk of the Fatman's recording days. And by this time in his lengthy career, Bartholomew was living fairly well off the royalties from his voluminous songwriting catalogue. So, "Hey-Hey" b/w "Junk Man" and the short-lived label were more like dabbling for him than a serious re-entry into a music business much changed from his early days.

This side has an enjoyable groove and arrangement, though the horn section is somewhat out of tune. I suspect that laying down that groove is Smokey Johnson, as Bartholomew had used him consistently in the early 1960's. The other Fats (Matthews), who joins in on vocals, had worked with producer Bartholomew in the 1950's as a solo artist and a member of The Hawks, a local vocal group that recorded for Imperial. The song's introductory and repeated call and response yells are reminiscent of those on Jessie Hill's classic, "Ooh Poo Pah Doo", and were inspired by the same source, I am sure: New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian singing. The flip side of the single is also worth hearing and can be found at the
Soul Club site. [not to mention HOTG Internet Radio]

Dave Bartholomew is another one of those New Orleans legends who deserves a book length appreciation of his work as a musician, performer, band leader, talent scout, record producer and songwriter. At the age of 78 in 1998, he put out a pretty decent CD called New Orleans Big Beat. I saw him give an awesome performance with his big band at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival after that CD came out. Can't say enough good stuff about him. I'll be putting up some more obscurities by him later, I'm sure.


Blogger Unknown said...

I just heard "hey-hey" for the first time on wwoz the other night...Any idea where I can find it for purchase?

9:32 AM, March 05, 2009  
Blogger Dan Phillips said...

Hey (hey), Blake, I still don't think this song appears on any CD (or LP) compilations. Somebody ought to do one on Dave's Broadmoor label, for sure.

Copies of the 45 do show up on ebay from time to time and usually are not all that expensive. But, if you are looking to purchase it in the digital realm, keep searching the mp3 sites. Also, It's on the playlist at HOTG Radio. So, you can catch it there sometime.

11:24 AM, March 05, 2009  

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