February 16, 2017

That New Orleans Touch

Allow me to direct you to the Kickstarter page for a new radio documentary project, "That New Orleans Touch", to be produced by George Ingmire, a guy who has been in the radio production trenches for many years, turning out great work. George knows his stuff; and his worthy new project promises to be something truly special.

As he explains, "That New Orleans Touch" is a two-hour radio documentary about 60 years of recordings and the role of talented musicians, producers and arrangers who created the music.  From the rock and roll and R&B of the 1950s to the modern era, encompassing funk, modern jazz and brass band music, the Crescent City has been a mecca for music lovers and recording artists alike....

...Over the past 8 years, I produced over 200 hours of syndicated radio work. However, this is going to be the most challenging project I've ever done, without a doubt, so your support is very important and greatly appreciated. 

You'll find further details on Kickstarter. Thanks to George for letting me know. I've kicked in and look forward to hearing "That New Orleans Touch" upon completion for some entertaining continuing education.