October 30, 2016


If you've read this blog and listened to the music I've posted over the past 12 years, you may recall that in August of 2007, I announced that the affiliated site, Home of the Groove Internet Radio, had begun streaming songs that I had been covering, plus other choice cuts from the HOTG Archives. It started as an experiment set up by a true friend of mine out West, and ended up running continuously until February of 2014, having grown a playlist of nearly 800 songs on a loop that took nearly 40 hours to play through.  

When technical and other issues put the webcast on hiatus over two years ago, I didn't know if it would ever return. But it has! You can find and listen to the stream 24/7/365 at the same URL as before: hotg.org. Right now, the playlist essentially picks up where it left off; and I plan to be adding more to it. So, listen in again...or for the first time. And if you have any comments, questions or issues to report about the stream, send them to radio@hotg.org.

Thanks for all the behind the scenes work that has kept the flame alive and to those who contributed to the webcast over the years to help defray costs a bit. We hope HOTG Radio can continue indefinitely and allow you to discover and enjoy the many delights of vintage and contemporary New Orleans-related R&B, soul, funk and jazz.

The groove abides. . . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is excellent news! A little touch of the Crescent City up north! Thank you for this.

4:41 PM, November 05, 2016  
Blogger JD...creator said...

Yes fantastic news, love this site, keep it up!

10:22 PM, November 29, 2016  

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