February 14, 2015


Mardi Gas comin’ once again, just a few more days to cram in as much celebratin’ as you can stand. . .for as long as you can stand.

Right now, I’ve got a replay of a tune I first posted back in 2008. Read about it there. I’ll just say that it’s an important 45 for the mash-up of Mardi Gras Indian singing and brass band (the Dirty Dozen in this case) playing, something that hadn’t been done on record, as far as I know, before that early 1980s release date - although Eddie Bo produced a 45 of the Bobby Williams Group doing “Boogaloo Mardi Gras” in 1968 that had horns, primarily a trumpet, playing over the groove with some Indian-style chanting - gotta give Eddie and Bobby their due, which I did with a feature back in 2009. Also of note, the high end on this record is really too hot. So, for the re-rip, I did some EQ modification and backed that treble hash down a few notches, which helped to bring out the horns some more.

Included below are photos in no particular order from this year’s Krewe du Vieux and Krewe Delusion parades [with more on imgur], plus a couple of shots from my Super Sunday 2013 adventure to help provide that Indian vibe. . . .

Almost forgot: The last of this year's Mardi Gras music shows I did on KRVS over the past three weeks will air again this Tuesday (da big day) at noon US Central time, as we all revel in our various excesses at the close of Carnival season. Listen at krvs.org either at that time or stream the podcasts anytime.

“Shotgun Joe” Part 1
Ernest Skipper with Flag & The Boys, Rosemont 8201, ca 1983


          M  A  R  D  I

                         G R A S

                                 2 0 1 5
                                        Y' A L L

Photos by Dan Phillips


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