December 28, 2014

. . . .Looking back and foward. . . .

Hey, y'all. I appreciate the inquiries as to my whereabouts. As you can see, since last August I've just been posting annotated playlists of my show on KRVS here, and am way behind on those. I'm enjoying doing weekly radio again, and getting the chance to dig into my archives for tracks to play. [I've found some stuff I forgot I had!] But, it does present, um, time management challenges.

Anyway, behind the scenes, I continue seeking out vinyl I don't have and recently tracked down a record I'd been after for a long time. I'm going to do a post on that one in the near future - an update to an earlier piece. Then, I'm fixin' to write-up a big post on a fairly obscure New Orleans artist and songwriter. That will take some time, but hope you'll check back over the next few months. 

Meanwhile, I'll also be doing some more annotated playlists as time permits. Hope you can catch some of the broadcasts, either live or by streaming the podcasts. I'll have plenty more rare grooves in the mix for 2015, and Carnival season is right around da corner!!!