October 10, 2014


Air dates: Thursday, October 2, 2014, 1:00 PM, and Friday, October 3, 2014, 9:00 PM, on KRVS 88.7 FM Lafayette/Lake Charles, and online at krvs.org. You can hear a podcast of this show and previous shows on the website under “Programs” anytime.

This was a mostly vinyl episode, with a couple of choice CD cuts. I’m officially a week behind on these annotated playlists. So, from here on out, they will be briefer with links to more info.

“Funkify Your Life” [Intro] - The Meters

“Move Your Body” (D. Tabb-D. Shezbie-C. Honore) - Rebirth Brass Band - from their Basin Street LP, Move Your Body, 2014.

“Bring It” (Shane Theriot) - Shane Theriot - from his Shose CD, Dirty Power, 2009.

“Boogie The Blues” (Ray Johnson) - Ray Johnson - from his original Mercury single #7023, 1954.
My 1/4/2014 post included this side.

“Still My Little Angel Child” (A. Mondy) - Alma Mondy - from Mercury Blues & Rhythm Story CD set, 1996.
Originally recorded for Mercury in New Orleans in 1949, backed by George Miller & his Mid-Driffs. Alma was called ‘The Lollipop Mama’ or ‘Miss Lollipop’.

“Cat Walk” (L. Allen-A. Toussaint) - Lee Allen - from his original Ember single #1057.
Toussaint likely arranged this session, too. From the sound of it, James Booker played organ, with Charles ‘Hungry’ Williams on drums. A recording with sonic problems that were on the master tape.

“Then I’ll Believe” (D. Johnson) - Martha Carter - from her original Ron single #346, 1962.
This single came up in Part 3 of my In Pursuit Of Bo Consciousness series.

“Keep The Fire Burning” (Edwin Bocage) - Skip Easterling - from his original Alon single #9033, 1966.
For some background on Skip and this single, see Part 7 of that Bo series.

“I’ve Got Reasons” (E. Bocage-J. Scramuzza) - Mary Jane Hooper - from her original Power single #105-4051, 1968.
I featured Ms Hooper (a/k/a Sena Fetcher) and her Eddie Bo produced tracks from this 45 and another back in 2008.

“Do What You Wanna Do” (Isaac Bolden) - Tony Owens - from his original Island single #069, 1976.
A few days after Katrina hit, and the seriousness of the subsequent Federal Flood hadn’t quite sunk in, I did a post on the singer and this tune. I was admittedly late to the Tony Owens bandwagon, but have since gotten more of this recordings and seen him perform live quite a few times, becoming a fan. Still, since much of his output has been on the deeper soul end of the spectrum, I haven’t written much more about his work, but hope to slip in some other tunes on the show.

“Humpin’ To Please” (James Canes) - Jean Knight - from her original Ola single #1-102, 1977.
This track was discussed on the blog back in 2007.

“Don’t Turn Your Back On Me” (Terry Manuel) - Louisiana Purchase - from their original LP, Louisiana Purchase, ca 1982.
Despite the synthesizers and that slick “aural exciter” sound of the 80s, I dig this track and others on this LP. I wrote about it and this tune in 2007.

“Why You Wanna Do It” (W. Harper-T. Royal) - Willie Harper - from the Charly compilation LP, Sehorn’s Soul Farm, 1982.
This album has two Willie Harper tunes, both co-written with guitarist Teddy Royal, that were probably recorded in the early mid-1970s, since Royal did not relocate to New Orleans until 1971, when he was hired on to King Floyd’s road band, the Rhythm Masters. From the sound of the backing musicians and arrangement, I would suspect this was recorded after Sea-Saint Studios opened in 1973, when Wardell Quezergue had returned from Malaco to work there. Early on, Smokey Johnson was drumming on sessions at Sea-Saint: and, in my 2005 post on this tune, I hazarded a guess he played on this tune.

“The Devil Gives Me Everything” (M. West-L. Laudenbach-The High Society Brothers) - Willie West - from his forthcoming Timmion LP/CD, Lost Soul.
This track was first released five years back by Timmion, based on Norway, on a 45 issued in Europe, with good results. The new album will come out across the pond first, with later release in the US.

“Country Road” (James Taylor) - Merry Clayton - from her Ode 70 LP, Gimme Shelter, 1970.
A great, funked-up version of the JT classic from this outstanding vocalist most famous for her background work, but who has always deserved to be up front. Check out this detailed summary of her recording career.

“Running Man” (B. Ellman- T. DeCouet-Galactic) - Galactic - from their Capricorn CD, Late For The Future, 2000.
Vocal by Theryl DeClouet, who sang with the band for several years.


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