February 08, 2013

Sittin' In Again......

Once again, I'm sittin' in with my friend, Roger Kash, on his fine Freetown Radio show, airing later today, Friday, February 8 from 3:00 - 4:00 PM US Central time on KRVS Lafayette, which broadcasts at 88.7 FM locally and streams its programming online worldwide. This time Roger has invited me in for a pre-Mardi Gras show featuring some rarely heard Carnival music treats from the HOTG archives. You can listen to the show online in real time or, after it airs, find the podcast at KRVS. Appreciate the invite, Roger!
[Update: KRVS will rebroadcast the show this coming Tuesday, dat's Mardi Gras Day, at 2:00 PM Central.]

I'll have some more Mardi Gras cuts up here this weekend, and, of course, HOTG Radio on da web will have Mardi Gras-related party music streaming 24/7 starting at some point this weekend and going until Ash Wednesday. Enjoy.


Blogger Jipes Blues said...

HOTG Radio a blessing for me which is far away from the Crescent City, at least I can work with the sound of the Mardi Gras songs !

1:50 PM, February 08, 2013  

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