September 07, 2008

Post Gustav (Pre-Ike?) Update: Music Add, etc.

I've just added more audio to the big Willie West post thanks to a friend of the blog from Glasgow, Scotland, who discovered a copy of the Black Samson movie floating around the internet and managed to rip the theme song for me and us to hear. I'll leave the audio up another week or so before it all goes into rotation on the radio stream. . . . .

Thanks to everyone who sent out positive vibes and written well-wishes during the last hurricane episode. I've taken down the Gustav-related hurricane information and will hope I don't have to give you more about Ike. But, ya never know. Hurry up, November.

Stay tuned, another music post is brewing in my mental tropics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you know where i can found black samson ost soundtrack plaese

4:57 AM, March 18, 2010  
Blogger Dan Phillips said...

Soundtrack? No. One wasn't commercially released, as far as I know; and I haven't heard of anyone having it off-market. I don't think the film is even available for sale at this point. You might check ebay for that, though, as I have seen copies of the video offered there in the past.

7:50 AM, March 18, 2010  

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