February 15, 2008

WWOZ Archives Go To Library of Congress

My Arkansas correspondent, Uncle Groover, sent me this link to an NPR story he heard the other day about 'OZ's vast live music archives, which barely survived Katrina, being sent to the Library of Congress for safe-keeping - as the recordings are truly a national treasure. Here's a quote:

It could take more than 10 years to catalog and digitize WWOZ's vast collection. But Gene Deana, head of the recorded-sound section at the Library of Congress, says he's thrilled to get it.

"The collection is remarkable. It is full of treasures. It's absolutely an all-star lineup of New Orleans jazz and blues performers. Right now, we are looking at about 3,000 hours, and I understand that there is more to come."

Jazz and blues performers, Mr. Deana? If you think you're just getting jazz and blues, you're in for a b-i-g surprise. Suffice it to say, the place will never be the same. Kudos to David Freedman and WWOZ for performing an ultimately revolutionary act, completely and utterly funkifying the LOC! And, of course, preserving the music for generations to come. Hat's off to ya.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use to listen online to the radio before the Law changed and the acess was restricted. Great radio for Nawlins music fan

6:28 AM, February 18, 2008  
Blogger Eric S. said...

The music will survive. That's the most important thing, and it truly is some amazing music.

Oh, and I still listen to OZ occasionally. :)

8:11 AM, February 18, 2008  
Blogger Carl said...

It would be fantastic if the Library of Congress would create box sets of some of the music. With all the rarities they will posess, it would be a shame if it all only sits there with very little listeners who would have to go their personally. Any info on any future plans for the music?

5:06 PM, February 20, 2008  
Blogger Dan Phillips said...

Is that some French law you are referring to, jipes?

Yeah you rite! There are still some great shows on OZ, Mr. S.

And, Carl, with over 10 years of cataloging and digitizing ahead of them, I doubt the LOC has gotten around to figuring out what to do with it alll.

PS - I still want to know why the LOC Copyright Office has cut off internet access to all copyright records prior to 1978. You now have to go there in person and use the card catalogue (!!!!) or write and pay to have them look up something that was composed and registered over 30 years ago. For years that database of information was available online. I wrote them to ask why and never got a reply.
Next step, rattling the cages of Congress persons, I guess. . . .
Pitifully backward thinking up there in that department.

8:32 PM, February 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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