February 03, 2008

H A P P Y M A R D I G R A S ! ! !

February 5, 2 0 0 8

Wherever you are celebrating, to help you keep it in the groove, Home of the Groove Internet Radio is streaming a non-stop New Orleans Carnival party loop from NOW until at least midnight Tuesday. We've got a bunch of special tracks on the holiday playlist, guaranteed to keep your backfield in motion. You'll find all my past Carnival music posts, plenty of brass bands, Indians, and other suitable for dancing stuff I've never posted, including several rare tracks from way back: Clarence Williams and the Dixie Washboard Band doing "The Zulu Blues" from 1926, plus a couple of Danny Barker's rarely heard musical reworkings of Mardi Gras Indian songs from the mid-1940s. He beat Willie Tee and the Wild Magnolias by 25 years!

And, if you want more, there's always the awesome WWOZ Mardi Gas Day broadcast. Party vicariously in the privacy of your own office cubicle or home, watching the webcams.

But, instead of working (or just seeming to), go ahead on. Funk it up. Do what ya wanna. Have some fun on the holiday. See what Carnival's for!


Blogger Marco said...

Thanks Dan. The Tony Bourdain show was ok, but your show is much much better and deeper in that groove that keeps on getting better and hotter.

8:46 AM, February 05, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody thats works hard needs to party like this
keep telling it like it is

3:06 PM, February 22, 2008  

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