January 24, 2008

Jazzfest and Stomp Lineups

Start making those reservations. The New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival has announced its 2008 lineup. Don't get spooked by those photos of Billy Joel and other national pop acts with tenuous or no ties to the city and its rich music culture. They are just distracting window dressing, NOT what the festival should be all about. Dig into the the daily listings to get to the real reasons you'll want to be there all 7 days, even if you can't: the local and regional performers, and select out-of-towners who fit right on in. If you've been tempted in the past and never made it, or haven't been back since the federal flood, why not do it this time. New Orleans still needs your patronage to revitalize - do your part, come on down and have a revelatory blast.

And, as further inducement, don't forget the always incredible Ponderosa Stomp taking place on the Tuesday and Wednesday nights between the two Jazzfest weekends. The Stomp is back up to its full two night strength and will have classic, original performers (see link) doing their collective thang until the wee-wee hours. Also, note that the Stomp will do a set at Jazzfest this year, featuring (finally!) a revue of some of the acts from this year's shows.

Now it's up to you. . . . .


Blogger Jipes Blues said...

What an amazing lineup !!!!!!!! Only the first day already Anders Osborne, Doyle Bramhall and Tab Benoit, I would die to be there to hear them play I have many of their records but never got the chance to see them performing live.

It's really a cryin' shame that I'm so far, I'm afraid I won't be able to visit the Jazz Fest :o(

2:35 AM, January 25, 2008  

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