September 11, 2007

RIP, Wilson 'Willie Tee' Turbinton

I learned today that Willie Tee passed away this morning, succumbing quickly to colon cancer that had spread to other organs. He was 63. People, please get a colon screening, if you are over 50. Here's a nice obit from the New York Times (thank you to Mr. Surch for this link!). If I come across any more, I'll put them up here, too.

From what I've experienced of his music over a long career, and learned of him from those who knew him, this man was a class act all the way. I am working up the first of a series of tribute posts on this truly under-rated New Orleans artist and will re-activate the audio on some earlier posts very soon.

For now I'll close with a strange, poignant convergence. Back in 1960s, Tee became freinds with Cannonball Adderly, also befriending Adderly's keyboard player at the time, Joe Zawinul; and the two keyboardist/composers remained close friends until the present day. Weather Report recorded one of Tee's tunes; and, as I mentioned before, Tee's brother, Earl, who left us just a month ago, played on Zawinul's 1970 solo LP. Well, today Joe Zawinul died, too. Guess they all were called out for that giant jam session up in Spiritland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Dan Life can be pretty bad when you lost two great musicians the same day :o( As you mentionned i do hope they have "a ball" up in the skies and groove together for the best !

2:13 AM, September 13, 2007  

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