August 04, 2007

More passings

Many of you may have heard already of the passing of Oliver Morgan, one of New Orleans's unique singers and entertainers. I'm off to New Orleans this weekend. You can read his obit here. I plan on doing another post on Oliver coming up. Feel free to search the archives for my previous one 'til then. Just put his name in the search blog box above.

Also, I just heard last night that master jazz saxophonist Earl Turbinton, brother of Willie Tee, passed away yesterday after a long illness. I plan on doing a post featuring Earl soon, also.

My respects and condolences go out the the friends and family of the departed. The were both class acts and contributed much to the musical fabric of their hometown. They will be missed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oliver Morgan was an old friend of mine. I danced with him so many times. His umbrella was always passed to me from the stage or I'd help him lead everyone out of the club into the street dancing. We would clown so much and pass a great time. He lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. My friend and I passed through the nint' ward and saw his home was washed away. I cried and prayed for him and his wife. Oliver is a New Orleans legend. He knew how to start a Second Line party! I WANNA KNOW! NOW TELL ME! You will be missed by so many, LaLa. May you rest in peace. Your friend of 32 years, Toots

5:24 PM, August 08, 2007  

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