April 06, 2007

Bisbee, AZ Pays Tribute to New Orleans Music

Tomorrow, April 7, 2007, KBRP, Radio Free Bisbee, will broadcast a New Orleans music special from 12:00 Noon - 2:30 PM US Mountain Time* (19:00:00 UTC/GMT for you outside the US, if that helps). You can hear the show via the internet program stream linked at their website. I bring this up because it is an effort on their part to make listeners more aware of New Orleans music, and the bulk of the program material for the show comes from the HOTG Archives. So, you can hear some of the rare stuff I've previously posted on HOTG, plus some more general New Orleans musical selections. I didn't program the show, but have a friend (who wants to continue to live the anonymous life) in Bisbee who did.

Also tomorrow, April 7, from 11:00 to 11:30 AM (see above/below) on KBRP, you can hear (if you dare) an interview with me (now archived) about HOTG and New Orleans music in general. No real groundbreaking revelations in it (that I recall - it was a blur of verbalization over phone lines- I am sure I left out far more than I put in); but, if you want to hear me pontificate, here's your brief window of opportunity. I was "grilled" by at least three of the music gurus out at the station, who asked intelligent questions and actually made me think! It was after a full day of work and a big Mexican meal (luckily for all concerned, I drank no beer!), so, I just hope I was vaguely coherent. Judge for yourselves. Seriously, I am honored that the folks at KBRP wanted to talk to me; and I really appreciate their desire to help support New Orleans music, musicans, and culture. So, thanks to them for the airtime and the bandwidth!
*To confuse me even further, Arizona is not observing Daylight Saving Time this year. So, they are an extra hour ahead/behind (depending on if you're West or East, of course) US locations
that are in DST. Clear? I thought not.... Just go to to the time conversion link above.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a heads up for hotg fans interested in exploring other Bisbee/New Orleans connections from a band called Calexico.


They rehearsed material for their last CD
in Bisbee. Not sure about the funk factor, but you can read about the band at their website:


They are apparently playing at Jazzfest too.

I heard the KBRP interview and really enjoyed it, thanks. There's lots of folks out here in the southwest
that care about the music and the people of New Orleans. I wish more radio stations would get with the program. Awesome blog.

hotg lurker

1:44 PM, April 23, 2007  
Blogger Dan Phillips said...

Thanks for the tip, lurker. I'll have to fit Calexico into my stage itinerary for Saturday. Don't know anything about this band and am in no way puttin' 'em down, as they must be good; but sometimes I wonder how the Jazzfest bookers choose a band from Arizona over some worthy local bands for a precious slot before the admiring hordes. But booking outside acts at Jazzfest is a long discussion topic for the off-season. Anyway, I'll try to catch some of their set.

7:31 PM, April 23, 2007  
Blogger Dunce said...

Thanks for your support as i think New Orleans Music is some of the best out there...now and always. I would very much appreciate a moment of your time to check out www.drumfabric.blogspot.com i think you may get something out of it as i have.


7:38 AM, May 20, 2007  

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