May 02, 2006

The Fests and The Move

Well it's festival season in Louisiana, y'all. For me, hearing great live music is a counter-balance to my semi-reclusive encounters with old 45's, LP's, and the innumerable CD's I may listen to any given day. My wife and I try to catch as much of the local festing as possible; but, this year it has been a challenge, as we have been involved with seeking, and now buying, a house, not to mention facing the looming reality in a few weeks of The Move (just across town this time - but, still...).

Like the good Louisiana residents we are, we managed to ignore the inevitable as much as possible and made it to one day of the French Quarter Festival a few weekends back, where I was most impressed with the blowin' and funkin' of the Lil Rascals Brass Band. Festival International here in Lafayette kicked off after that; and we went to the opening night, getting to see three awesome acts: the subdudes, Irma Thoams, and Allen Toussaint. My wife stayed here last Friday to work and catch more of that festival, especially the African musicians, while I went to New Orleans for the first day of Jazzfest 2006. Then, she joined me for the rest of the weekend. If ever there was a absolute statement about the renewal of that devastated city, Jazzfest this year has made it with large crowds, great performances, and, of course, good eats. Now into my third decade partaking of this annual celebration, I can't entirely express how simultaneously normal and special this one feels (and one more weekend to go!). But it is bizarre to walk and drive through flood-damaged neighborhoods just starting to rebuild, while you're on your way to help keep the party going - but that's the way it is now and will be for, hmmm, four or five years, at least. Pumping cash back into the economy helps revive the vital signs of the entire area; so, we came, we grooved, we spent, we revelated, and, we resuscitated.

I'll try to get around to a Jazzfest wrap-up with some mini-reviews and comments later, as time and tide permit. With all that's going on in my life right now, posting may become even more erratic than usual in weeks to come - so bear with me, please. I'll try to keep 'em coming as often as I possibly can. And, now back to our irregularly scheduled programming. . . .


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