April 11, 2006

If you like solving a good musical mystery. . . .

. . .,helping to shed some light on one, or just learning about the backgrounds of some cool tunes and forgotten artists, as I do (all three), there's a new mp3 blog for us that looks like it will be both fun and useful. It's Red Kelly's latest start-up, Soul Detective. The man is becomming a blog franchise, already presenting the "B" Side and its "A" Side offshoot. I don't know how these multi-bloggers do it. I am only partially employed; and I have a hard time getting together two posts a week, let alone two (or three!) blogs - and I tried.

Anyway, if you are a Soul Detective (another subset of music geek entirely - you know who you are), want to become one or just catch the spine-tingling action, try Red's new site and marvel as your workday productivity, quality family time, and/or sleep time seem to melt away.


Blogger Red Kelly said...

Dan -

thanks for the great input over at soul detective... that's just what I had in mind, man... all of us "music geeks" ganging up on one topic and seeing what we can come up with!

...and as far as my blog "franchise" (right?) goes, we'll see how long I can keep it interesting!

As always, Dan-o, you got it goin' on!


10:16 PM, April 11, 2006  

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