March 07, 2006

Support WWOZ

I was in New Orelans yesterday, all too briefly, listening to WWOZ as I was driving around, and noted that they are just starting their Spring fundraising drive. If you have not checked out this station online (or locally), I urge you to do so, as their mission is to celebrate the music of New Orleans 24/7. It is primarily a volunteer DJ programmed station; and, while not all genres are covered, the music content is generally excellent. 'OZ has long been the FM musical soundtrack of record (sorry) for the city. It's so hard to imagine New Orleans (and the world) without them that, when they were knocked off the air by Katrina, friends from around the country helped to re-establish their web-cast in short order. They are now back, broadcasting from the French Quarter. The survival of WWOZ should go hand in hand with that of the entire New Orleans community. So, listen to and support them, please.

And, as a former "Left of the Dial" volunteer DJ, I ask you to also support any other musically diverse and valuable non-commercial radio station in your area or that you listen to online: WEVL, KRVS, WFMU, etc. They all struggle to survive swimming the airwaves with the whales and killer sharks of corporate radio in all its guises.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan,do you have any news about RFNO?


1:56 PM, April 03, 2006  
Blogger Dan Phillips said...

Sorry, Peter. I don't know when, or if, it will be back. That reminds me, though, I need to do a piece on Ron Cuccia, who was running RFNO (Radio Free New Orleans) webcasts. He had an interesting group back in the day.

3:16 PM, April 03, 2006  

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