December 18, 2005

Bonerama Loses One From the Line

As reported by the Reaper (certainly no joke) here in the comments yesterday, Brian O'Neill, one of the four formidable front line trombonists from Bonerama, died Friday in New Orleans. Fifty years old when he passed, Brian played mostly the bass trombone in the band, contributing mightily to their massisve sound. There is more news at the band's webiste link. Though I know the band's founders, Mark and Craig, better, I met Brian briefly at a gig im Memphis a few years back. He will be missed; and his loss contributes another sad story to an incredibly bad news year in New Orleans. If you are a fan, you can offer condolences, etc. on their message board. If it will help at all, can we just start 2006 early?



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