November 29, 2005

Cathy Sees Da Meetas

With her permission, I'm posting this impression of the Meters NYC show last Friday sent by my friend (going back to college days in the fabled Sixties), Cathy, who came down from Massachusetts with her friend and friend's mother to attend, helping to make it a multi-generational throwdown.

The Meters just burned up the stage in NY on Saturday! From listening to these 60-70's recordings, I was not prepared for their staggering skill and the depth of their music. Leo said that they were all very grateful to still be around and able to play and have the dexterity to still play. That is putting it mildly. Wow. The audience was full of not just our age, but a lot of younger people, and a few older. Wendy's mother went with us - she is 73 and loved them. A gen X-er in line with me for alcohol told me he knew he had to see the Meters in person before he died and now he could get run over in the street and die happy. This was before they even went on stage! They had run out of T-shirts, only two sizes left and no CD's. Poor planning on their part..... [Just be thankful they appeared at all, darlin'! - DP] The theater had great acoustics, but a little odd arrangement. Theater seats a long way back from the stage and then dance floors up to the stage. We got there two hours early hoping to get close seats but the closest seats were too far back. Couldn't see them sweat, like I'd hoped....but could feel it.

I guess the expectation of seating at a funk show reveals somewhat of a generational divide. But, no harm, no foul, girlfriend. I'm just proud that only one trip to pre-flood New Orleans this summer turned you and Wendy (and now her mom, I guess) into raving funk fanatics, willing to drive for hours to see 'em sweat. "It's Shake 'N Bake. And I helped!" (If you recall that line, welcome to geezerhood). Wish I could have been there with you; but I did get to see Bonerama and the Gamble Brothers Band in Memphis that same night. Some consolation, to be sure.

NOTE: The Reaper was at this show, too. See his impressions at The Funk Files.


Blogger The Reaper said...

Dan, I finally posted my impressions of the concert. It was such a knock-out that it took two weeks just to find the words!

4:10 PM, December 07, 2005  
Blogger Dan Phillips said...

Thanks for letting me know, Reap. I'll take a look and put up a link.
Words are never adequate for great music. Of that I am sure. But, we do what we can.

5:18 PM, December 07, 2005  

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