August 04, 2005

Meters News You Can Use

Well, I'm not ususally blogging news items, as I've got plenty to keep me busy around here; but I've got to share this one with you.

Hot on the heels of my reading in the August, 2005
offBeat that Zig Modeliste was moving back to New Orleans, after years of living on the West Coast (Bay Area, I think), I got the weekly offBeat e-mail newsletter today and read that the original Meters will be touring this fall! So, that awesome reunion concert at Jazzfest that was supposed to maybe quite probably kinda sorta be their last bash - it was just a warm-up for the reunion tour. They have dates booked in Las Vegas (!!) and New York in October and November, so far. For their co-manager, they have chosen Quint Davis, who is the director of Festival Productions, which runs the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. I think Quint was really one of the driving forces behind their reunion this spring. Many people thought it couldn't be done, including some of the Meters. He will share management duties with Elevation Group, the company that handles the Neville Brothers. One big happy extended family once again.

This is surprising news. Maybe I just didn't see it coming. It seems the success of the reunion concert, the buzz it generated, and the ca-ching it promises, led this band down the Bygones Be Gone path. I wish them nothing but success. The Meters never had much of a payday from all that "legendary band" legacy. They've still got the chops. So, have at it m'bruthas.

If any HOTG readers, lurkers, and listeners go to one of the shows, please e-mail me a review or just an impression - and I'll try to put it up. Now go get in line for tickets.


Blogger The Reaper said...

They'll be in New York on November 25th. I'm so there, dude!

5:51 PM, August 09, 2005  
Blogger Dan Phillips said...

I'll be with you in spirit, at least, Reap. Again, feel free send along a report and I'll put it up; or, if you post it on Funk Files, I'll cetianly link to it.

7:58 PM, August 09, 2005  

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