July 22, 2005

R & R

Mable John and one of her fans, my wife, Jeanne Plaisance

My wife and I went to my old hometown, Memphis, this weekend for a little respite (though NOT from the heat!) and got to see Mable John perform at the Stax Museum. Mable, of course, is not a New Orleans* artist; but I had to show off with a couple of photos for the blog anyway. The performance was part of a monthly series the museum has. Mable was supposed to do a tribute to Etta James; but she only did a few of Etta's tunes before stopping to talk about the value of the museum and drumming up some contributions. In the second set, she did some of her own tunes and was outstanding. I highly recommend a visit to the museum, built on the site of the original studio, which had been sadly torn down. The studio has been recreated as part of the complex, which includes a music academy for local children.

Mable and Jeanne, together at last

*But, as Jeanne notes, Mable was born in Bastrop, LA, up in the northeastern part of the state.

I'll have some more music posted soon; another Tuff City Side is in the works. Time to get back in da groove.


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