January 01, 2005

Short reports

We went to Lil' Buck's gig at the Blue Moon Saloon here Thursday night. Playing almost all r&b and blues covers, with a little zydeco and an a Meters tune for spice, he and his rockin’ band kept that dance floor full. Grooving on bass was Lee Allen Zeno, another well-known musician in these parts. The drummer, Herman Jacobs, was in the pocket all night and could funk it up with the best of ‘em. I’d never heard him before. A young cat named Keith (didn’t get that last name) played keyboards and burned on every solo. And, of course, there was Mr. Sinegal, singing, playing his strat good and greasy, and calling tunes one after another for the entire two and a half hours we were there. Don’t know when they shut down, or took a break, if ever. What a treat. Happy New Year, y’all.

And for some ultra-hip, trippy art inspired by local music and ambience, check out the website of our friend, Francis Pavy. He’s got some cool guitars (and a car) on display, too.


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