January 06, 2005

Carnival Time

A New Orleans Mardi Gras Past (show us your...knees?)

It's officially Twelfth Night here in the Central time zone. USA. That means Carnival season has begun. They were jumping the gun a little yesterday with some king cake slices available at a coffee shop I stopped at. Anyway, let the festivities now begin. If you are not familiar with the whole Carnival concept, go google it. I'll just point out that the season ends at midnight on Mardi Gras day (Fat Tuesday aka Shrove Tuesday), followed by Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Due to the moon and equinox making for an early Easter, Mardi Gras comes up this year on February 8th. What it all means to this blog is that I'll be throwing you some New Orleans Carnival related music off and on this month and into next. The first installment is coming in a few days: Mardi Gras Indian funk. Get a good spot for the parade. . . .


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