November 09, 2004

Feeling it

"Do Your Feeling" (King Tloyd, III - Traci Borges)
King Floyd, from Think About It, Atco, 1973

The oeuvre of King Floyd seems to have been woefully under-rated, if not ignored by those claiming to know and love soul and funk music. He gets some credit for his big hit of 1970, "Groove Me", and the later, more modestly popular "Baby Let Me Kiss You" and "Woman Don't Go Astray"; but much of his recorded work (including many self-penned titles) remains off the radar. There is a good CD collection of some of his 1970's stuff,
Choice Cuts, worth picking up; but otherwise you'll have to find his original albums and/or 45's to hear what else he had to offer.

I've picked "Do Your Feeling" for its insistent funkiness and ass-grabbing arrangement by fellow New Orleanian
Wardell Quezergue. Floyd could go smooth, too. But I think this track shows something about where his music sits in general. It was recorded, as were most of his post-1970works, at Malaco Studios in Jackson, MS, with Mr. Quezergue arranging and running the sessions (though Elijah Walker is credited as producer, he was more of a money-man), and mainly the more than able house musicians handling the groove-making. Boost your bass EQ and check that kick drum (by James Stroud) that pulls you in and does not let go until the fade. I think Floyd's music was rightfully made at Malaco, halfway between Memphis and New Orleans, as many of his songs intermingle the Memphis Stax feel and the Crescent City funk vibe.

After growing up in NOLA and doing a stint in the army, King Floyd hit LA in the late 1960's where he worked with other New Orleans expatriates, songwriting with Dr. John and Jessie Hill, and recorded an album, A Man In Love (re-released a few years later as Heart Of The Matter), produced and arranged by Harold Battiste. But it wasn't until Floyd hooked up with Quezergue and Walker to record "Groove Me" that he was able to come of age as a vocalist and composer, going on to record many engaging singles and several fine albums. He is still performing and recording. And although I do not care for his recent recorded work, I am glad to know he is still among us doing his feeling.

[Note, 2008: Kng Floyd passed away in 2006.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found out a little bit about King Floyd. Would like to down load some songd but hard to find anything. How about some help for this late discovery of mine?

12:42 AM, August 28, 2005  

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