November 11, 2004

Dr John Live In London

"Right Place, Wrong Time" (Rebennack)
Dr John, From Such A Night, Spindrift, 1984

OK. Here's one that's more...obvious, yet still hard to find. The original version of this song came out on the Atco LP In the Right Place in 1973, an album produced by Allen Toussaint with the Meters as backup band and other assorted players. It's a classic and has been out on CD for several years now. This concert rendering was recorded live on November 4, 1983, at the Albany Empire Theatre in London. At the time the LP came out in England, it was the only full concert recording of Dr John commercially available. A CD version was released in the early 1990's; but both are now history - to be found, if you're lucky, at some pre-owned music emporium. Since then, several "authorized" live concert recordings of the Good Doctor have been released, Trippin' Live and All By Hisself being the best.

For a less than authorized concert recording, Such A Night is mixed fairly well and has good sound quality. It would seem that it was recorded professionally. Yet, Dr John never really claimed it. Go figure. It's a great concert, as he really radiates those 88's, covering some classic blues and barrelhouse and doing three songs off of the In The Right Place album, including a killer version of "Such A Night" that I haven't heard him equal. The fact that it is 8 minutes long kept me from laying that one out for you.

So, instead, I chose his "hit", because it is a cookin' version of the tune and a favorite of mine. The groove is held down by a band of Englishmen (and women), who get the job done admirably throughout. If you are a Dr John fan and don't have this recording, go find you one.

As for
Dr John, a/k/a Mac Rebennack, and his continuing musical contributions, I trust anyone who is the least bit interested in him can find an abundance of product, old and new, on the market. On the latest, N'awlinz Dis Dat or D'udda, he gives his propers to his hometown roots. It is a tribute to him that so much of his recorded work over a 40+ year career is available. He has put out an autobiography, Under A Hoodoo Moon, too. Without question, this man has contributed mightily to the appreciation, enrichment and perpetuation of the musical heritage of the Home of the Groove. God bless his funky self. And happy birthday on the 21st, Dr John!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a great live clip of Dr John on Youtube - recorded in the early 1970s.

The song he was performing was Right Place - fantastic band backing him.

Anyone know where i can get hold of a CD or DVD of this show? Or in fact can identify the show.

The clip has since been taken off YT as a copyright infringement.

7:27 PM, April 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I was wondering if you know where I could get a copy of Such A Night Live In London- I'm in the UK and can't find it anywhere.
My email address if
If you could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Love your blog btw
All the best

2:49 PM, July 04, 2013  

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