October 16, 2004

We don't need no stinking credentials, but.....

I'll give up a little background; but not enough to gag you, I hope. I've never lived in New Orleans; but I have spent a lot of time there since childhood, really, hanging out, and continue to do so. I started seriously collecting New Orleans music about 25 years ago and have amassed quite a bit of old and new stuff, vinyl and CD. I collect other music, too; but my main focus is NOLA. Starting in 1988, I did a weekly two hour radio show in Memphis on WEVL called "New Orleans: Under the Influence". Earlier this year, I gave up hosting NOUTI due to my relocation to Lafayette, LA. But, my friend and fellow music geek (and I mean that in the best possible way), Tom Claypool, has taken over the show and is doing a great job, I hear. Anyway, I loved doing the show, sharing my collection with listeners in Memphis, and exposing them to the funky side of New Orleans music that I go for. Through the show, I got to interview greats like Earl King, Gatemouth Brown, Marcia Ball, Carol Fran, and John Mooney, and meet people like Allen Toussaint, 3/4 of the Neville Brothers, George Porter, Jr., and the like. I may do radio again sometime; until then, this blog will be like a little slow motion broadcast.


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