October 29, 2004

Random stuff

I'll have another rarity up tomorrow. It's a Willie Tee album track.

Also, I'll be cutting off the links to the James Booker items this weekend; and the Etta and Labelle links will be going soon. So, if you haven't heard 'em, now's the time.

I've been listening to the new Neville Brothers CD, "walkin' in the shadow of life". It's definitely the best they've done in the studio since "Yellow Moon". If you thought they'd lost their edge (and you were oh so right), check this new one out. The second generation of Nevilles has been fully integrated into the mix, with Ivan Neville (son of Aaron) co-producing, co-writing, and generally all over it, and other sons playing, singing and/or rapping in spots. Ivan's reclaimed the band from over-produced, unfocused oblivion; and the tracks ooze some stanky funk and righteous beats, great playing, soulful singing, and a real sense of what this band has been about live over the years. It's retro and right now. My only gripe is that their great drummer, Mean Willie Green, ain't on it (although he is still in the band, according to their message board). Ivan and Cyril play drums and others do "programming". It works, so I'll let it slide. There's a cover story with interviews in the new Offbeat.


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