October 14, 2004

Come on up in here and get your groove on

This blog is just getting underway. I want to attempt to make this place as user-friendly as possible; but please understand that I am assuming that you either know something about New Orleans music and culture or are willing to research these subjects on your own to find out more. This is such rich, deep, multi-faceted subject matter. I do not have world enough nor time to provide you with the complete content, context and background to explain why I believe that New Orleans is truly the home of the groove...well, as I say elsewhere, at least on this continent (North America, last time I checked). So, if you're not nodding agreement already, you're either going to have to take my word for it, find out for yourself, or prove me wrong.

What I am going to do is take some rare, undeservedly obscure gems out of my collection and give you a chance to hear them. I'll throw in some commentary and other tidbits along the way. But, hey, you don't need to be an expert about this music or even read anything about it to enjoy it. It's worth is self-evident. I will try to provide links when I can that will lead you toward more light on the subjects at hand (at ear?) and maybe even help you to track down a hard copy now and then for your own collection.

So, listen, enjoy, and do what moves you and feels good. I just want this music to be heard, whether or not you fully appreciate the rich heritage and multi-cultural underpinnings from which it springs. Give it a listen. That's all, y'all.

Your comments are welcome, too. I will respond when and if I can. I'd like to have feedback on the blog itself and the music offered. I'll have some music posts up in a few days, so come back by. I'll be starting off with some rare James Booker organ tracks with the Lloyd Price Band that aren't available on any re-issue compilations that I'm aware of. Interested? By the way, the music links won't stay active forever. The first audio posts will be linked until the blog gets some traffic. Then, the general length of time for you to access the audio on a post will be 7 - 10 days. Of course, new grooves will be added; so, keep checking back. . . .


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